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Wanna download a paid app but don’t want to pay? This happens with a lot of people, they want to download an app which is paid but can’t pay for it. But what if we tell you that there’s a solution for this! Shocked! We were also shocked when we came to know about this app GetApk Market. This app can literally download any paid app for free! We are using GetApk Market and we are loving it! You will also love it once you start using it. 

GetApk Market is the Best App to download paid apps for free! It is the best free alternative to Google Play store. You can download any app you wish to download with GetApk.

GetApk Market for Android


Name: GetApk Market

Version: 1.6.97

Size: 1.12MB

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for your information, GetApk Market has ranked #1 among all the third party Android appstores because of its awesome features within such small sized application. It is all in one package for all Android phone users. This app downloads even those apps for free which are available paid on Google Play Store.

GetApk Market Downloads

GetApk Market is downloaded for more than 10 million times since 2014. This is really awesome. Its all because GetApk Market provides its users what they want for free and therefore there is no dilemma how GetApk Market ranks #1 among all other Android appstores. It had to happen because there is no other appstore which can give such awesome feature for free and that too in such a small sized package.

Which is Best GetApk Market or Play Store?

GetApk Market

  • GetApk Market provides you all apps for free.
  • It’s just a 1.12MB Package.
  • No sign in required.
  • Eats up very less RAM compared to Google Play Store.
  • Runs smoothly even on low-end Android Phones.

Play Store

  • Some apps are free, some are paid.
  • Its package size is about 30-35MB.
  • Requires Sign in.
  • Requires much amount of RAM.
  • Runs perfectly only on high-end Android Phones.

Reading about both of them, we come to a conclusion that for us GetApk Market is way better Than Google Play Store. You should Definitely install it.

Download GetApk Market for Android
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